​A​re you ready to take the next step?

​​Do you want to develop yourself in the deepest sense? Then you've come to the right place. When you begin a coaching with us, you can expect the following aspects:

​Relationship with your Coach

​In our coaching you can expect a personal relationship with your coach who, just like you, is involved in the sessions with his whole person - with his thoughts, feelings and body. Authenticity and openness are the essential cornerstones of the time we spend together. Your coach consistently takes on the role of the leader-participant: He is responsible for the sessions and nevertheless brings with him the same openness he expects from you.


​In every session, conscious dealing with the body is a key element. With the help of efficient techniques from Integral Bodywork, we can use the body to remove inner obstacles, to get into a state of clarity and strength and to facilitate long-term, structural changes. In addition, you will learn everyday bodywork techniques to improve your immediate state in order to not only work more efficiently but also to become happier.

​Emotion & Mind

​Good access to your emotions is the key to make your life successful and more joyful. The first milestone in our coaching is therefore that you learn to recognize your patterns in order to be able to make conscious decisions about how to deal with them. We work cognitively, psychologically or physically with you and put what you have experienced into a comprehensible context. In this way you will be able to face the situations in your life in a new way: with more clarity about yourself and your peers.


​Becoming more successful, getting ahead, realizing yourself in your work - these are all fundamental driving forces of our human activity. At a certain point in your life, however, this is simply no longer enough. The feeling: "There must be more than that" hovers more and more forcefully over everything. Time to find your vision. In the Vision Quest you will find an authentic confrontation with exactly these questions, embedded in a larger perspective. With exercises, tools and processes we bring you closer to your vision and your purpose.

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